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Love Ewe Farm is located in the beautiful rural setting of Montpelier Virginia, Hanover County,  which is northwest of Richmond. Our house sits on 20 acres of farm land and it is here where we decided to start breeding and raising Romney sheep.  

I (Betsy) am a retired nurse and empty nester, who is happy to have a flock to nurture and care for.  Being a knitter, it is wonderful to grow wool and have our fleeces made into beautiful yarn!

My husband Kevin grew up in northern Pennsylvania as a Future Farmer’s of America boy, and has loved farming from an early age. He isn’t a full timer farmer yet but will be upon retirement!


About the Breed

          Romney Sheep , formerly called Romney Marsh, is a long wool, dual purpose breed, originating in England.  They are robust, hard working sheep with a calm and gentle temperament.  Romney’s are described as being hardy, having a strong constitution, and sound hooves especially in wet conditions. Additionally, Romney ewes are known for easy lambing and being excellent mothers. They have superior fertility, raising an exceptionally high percentage of twins.  Overall, the Romney breed provides outstanding options and benefits to sheep producers.

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Farm visits are always welcome!

Come and visit us on the farm to see the sheep and hold the lambs!    Betsy’s children’s book “Daisy and the Shepherd “ is available and along with our farm yarn.  Our Romney fleeces are available every February after shearing!

Email us to schedule a farm visit😊

Love Ewe Farm

14585 Clazemont Rd Montpelier, VA 23192

(804) 883-5078

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Betsy’s Shawl Patterns

Grey Shawl Pattern

Cream Shawl Pattern

Cream Shawl Pattern


Cream Shawl Pattern

Cream Shawl Pattern

Cream Shawl Pattern


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